Recording American Fork, one person at a time
Proprieter: Steve Welling 801.735.3187

Have a look around the studio.
Hear my band, String Theory. See if they might be a fit for your next live-music event.
Former bands I was in, Artistic Ballistics and A Fistful of Dudes And my own Original Music

Music samples from satisfied clients:

It's all About Your Heart.
I added a bit of guitar to Brianna's own piano accompanyment.

Everything I Wanted
Robert Buxton: I put down the guitar solo here according to Rob's specs: Twangy, with bite.

Megan's voice is showcased with two tracks of vocals.

Destination Nowhere
Artistic Ballistics: I wrote it and Rob Buxton sings this tribute "for those about to rock -- badly."

Solitary Gaze
Natalie Parkes: Listen to the overdriven guitar build up and set the stage for the guitar solo.

For Good
We got a backing track for this one so it would sound close to the original.