Recording American Fork, one person at a time
Proprieter: Steve Welling
Welcome to ingig. What makes us special? For one thing, we feel like we have an adequate number of guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments available for your use.
A two-string Chinese Violin, a Grecian Baglamukhi, and a slide guitar made by &#39The Oahu Publishing Company of Cleveland, Ohio&#39. Because your music is unique, you shouldn't sound like everyone else.
Our DAW of choice is Sonar, by Cakewalk. Been using it in one form or another for over 10 years.
Sure, other studios have mics, but what about their mic stands? We don't feel that anyone's physical height should determine whether or not they are comfortable with their mic stand. Korg Krome. Awesome sounds, especially pianos and drums. The Korg keyboard has 48 drum kits and 768 programs. If those aren't enough, this manually adjustable drum kit can add a few additional programs.